At Asseh Jewels, we offer quality that lasts a lifetime. Our diamond jewelry is handcrafted with the intention that it can be passed down from generation to generation. One of the ways you can ensure that your jewelry maintains a high value – if you intend to keep it in the family for years to come – is caring for it. Regularly cleaning helps prevent tarnishing, scratching, and dullness.

Yet, caring for jewelry isn’t common knowledge for everyone. We know you have questions! First, we’ll start with the proper way to clean 14K gold diamond jewelry, and then we’ll move on to some frequently asked care questions. No more worrying about your jewelry! Asseh Jewels has got you covered.

What is the Proper Way to Clean Diamond Jewelry?

Cleaning jewelry at home requires only a few items. Soap and water are the best way to clean a diamond ring no matter the setting, so you’ll need to make a solution to soak your ring in before attempting to remove the debris. Use the following steps.

How to clean your jewelry

1. Get a bowl and fill it with warm (almost hot) water
2. Put a few drops of dishwashing soap inside the bowl
3. Put your Asseh Jewelry inside the bowl along with a soft toothbrush
4. Allow your ring to soak for about 5 to 10 minutes
5. Lay the jewelry on the provided Asseh Jewels soft cloth
6. Gently brush the stone and metal to dislodge any dirt or debris trapped
7. Rinse the jewelry underwater
8. Repeat if needed
9. Dry with the provided Asseh Jewels soft cloth

    Frequently Asked Care Questions

    How Often Should I Clean My Jewelry?

    If you regularly wear your Asseh Jewels piece, you may not realize how quickly it loses its shine. The best way to restore your jewelry is to clean it weekly. Initially, this may seem like a lot. However, shampoo, hairspray, hand lotions, hand soaps, cooking oils, and other products often leave cloudy sheens on jewelry. Once you begin cleaning your gold and diamond jewelry regularly, you’ll start to see what a difference it makes.
    If you find the at-home cleanings aren’t restoring your jewelry as they once were, you may consider bringing your jewelry to a professional jeweler. They will perform a heavier duty cleaning on your ring that can address any dirt and grime you’ve been unable to remove.

    Why is it important to clean jewelry?

    Daily wear of your jewelry creates layers of dirt, oil, debris, and cosmetic residue on the gold and diamond surface of your ring. Not only will your ring look less appealing, but it can also cause your skin harm. Dirty rings can breed bacteria, which may cause skin irritation. This can also discolor the metal and scratch the stone.
    Although you may periodically take your jewelry into a jeweler to have it professional cleaned, it’s helpful to know how to do it yourself as well. Quick home cleanings can keep your jewelry shiny and sanitary.

    Can I shower with 14K gold jewelry?

    While you can wear 14K gold jewelry in the shower, it can still be scratched. You should keep your jewelry away from any harsh chemicals or abrasive surfaces. If you’re planning to use shower gels or scrubs, then it’s probably best to remove your jewelry before because it will scratch the gold and cause it to tarnish. It will also add to the film on your jewelry that you have to remove when you clean it.

    Is it okay to get my diamond wet?

    Generally, yes, it is okay to get your diamond jewelry wet. However, if you’re using other substances (soaps, lotions, natural oils), then it’s best to remove your diamond. These substances can leave a film over the diamond that dulls its brilliance. If you’re able to store your diamond jewelry safely while you’re showering or getting wet, then it’ll keep your jewelry in the best condition.

    Can I sleep with jewelry?

    It’s generally not recommended to sleep with jewelry because sleeping is the number one cause of losing gemstones and wearing out prongs. While Asseh Jewels are durable and made to last, nighttime is the perfect time to let your body rest from jewelry. Removing your jewelry before you sleep will ultimately keep it in better shape.

    What causes tarnish?

    Leaving your jewelry on chemically treated surfaces and wood can stain or speed up the tarnishing process. Thus, it’s best to keep your jewelry away from wood if you’re not wearing it. You can also store it in a Ziplock bag (be sure to squeeze out all the air before sealing). This delays the tarnishing process because it limits the air and moisture that your jewelry comes into contact with.

    Final thoughts

    Asseh Jewels are all about legacy. We strive to provide you with a product that lasts longer than all your other jewelry. By cleaning and caring for your jewelry regularly, you’ll have beautiful pieces that look just as beautiful as when you purchased it.